Thermo Scientific Trace GC/TCD/FID/FPD

This GC is specially equipped for the determination of natural gas composition. With three detectors the simultaneous measurements of gaseous hydrocarbons, H2, N2, O2, CO2 and H2S is possible in one run.


Thermo Scientific TraceGC Ultra

Installed Columns:           Restek Rt-Alumina Bond(Na2SO4), 30m*0.53mm, 10 micron @ FID

                                             Restek Packed Column, Rt XLSulfur 2m 1/8”OD @ FPD

                                             Restek Packed Colum, MS 15x @ TCD

Detectors:                           FID, FPD, TCD

Carrier Gas:                       Helium, Argon