Thermo Scientific Trace GC/FID GC/MS

Equipped with an TriPlus autosampler this GC is coupled to a FID and a ISQ Mass spectrometer (Thermo Scienific). This configuration is used for geochemical analysis of rock extracts and oils. Controlled via the Xcalibur software this system allows  determination and quantification of HC-related biomarkers.


Thermo Scientific TraceGC/Thermo Scientific ISQ

Installed Columns:          Agilent HP-PONA 50m*0.2mm, 0.5 micron @ FID

                                            J&W Scientific DB-5MS fused silica, 30m*0.25mm, 0.25 micron @ ISQ

Detectors:                         FID, Quadropol-MS

Carrier Gas:                     Helium