CS-580A "Helios" with TIC module

The Eltra CS-580A „Helios“ is an elemental analyzer. It is equipped with 3 infrared detectors to cover various concentration levels. The resistance furnace can be operated up to 1550°C. This feature and an autoloader with 36 positions allows a fast and reliable acquisition of carbon and sulfur content of rock and coal samples.

Rock Eval 6 Classic

The Rock Eval 6, built by Vinci Technologies, is the latest generation of source rock and coal evaluation pyrolysers. It is equipped with an FID. All moving parts are operated by DC and stepping motors which in combination with a 48 position autosampler facilitate the rapid acquisition of petroleum potential of rock samples.

DM 4500 P

This microscope is used for petrographic investigation of different rock samples. It is equipped for investigation with transmitted as well as reflected light. An attached camera does allow a computer aided determination of various parameters via image processing.

MZ 16 A

This steromicroscope is used for investigations of different rock samples as well as cutting samples. It is equipped with an external light source. An attached 3D-camera allows computer aided generation of 3D images and determination of various parameters.

Finnigan MAT GCQ GC-MS

The Finnigan MAT GCQ GC - Ion Trap MS is used for the evaluation of the low- and medium polar fraction of NSO compounds.

Thermo Scientific Trace GC/FID GC/MS

Equipped with an TriPlus autosampler this GC is coupled to a FID and a ISQ Mass spectrometer (Thermo Scienific). This configuration is used for geochemical analysis of rock extracts and oils. Controlled via the Xcalibur software this system allows  determination and quantification of HC-related biomarkers.

Thermo Scientific Trace GC/TCD/FID/FPD

This GC is specially equipped for the determination of natural gas composition. With three detectors the simultaneous measurements of gaseous hydrocarbons, H2, N2, O2, CO2 and H2S is possible in one run.

X´Pert3 Powder

The latest advances in XRD technology are combined into the X´Pert3 Powder Diffractometer built by Panalytical. Precise measurements of clay minerals are enabled by a 15 piece sample loader which can handle different sample holders. A Xe proportional counter detector and a X´celerated Scientific RTMS silicon-based Detector are available.

Medium Pressure Liquid Chromatography Preparative System for Maltene fraction

Built by Margot Köhnen-Willsch Chromatography, Jülich, this preparative column chromatography system is semiautomatic and is used for the separation of HC-fractions of oil and rock extracts.

Medium Pressure Liquid Chromatography Preparative System for NSO-fraction

This preparative column chromatography system (Margot Köhnen-Willsch Chromatography, Jülich), is used for the separation of NSO compounds into fractions of low-, medium-, intermediate-, high polarity as well as acids and bases.

Thermo Scientific Delta-V Isotopic Ratio Mass Spectrometer

The heart of the “Fritz Ebner” Isotopic Laboratory is formed by the Delta-V IRMS. Equipped with a Thermo Fisher Flash Elemental Analyzer, a Finnigan Carbonate Gas Bench, a Trace GC/IsoLink for fluid samples and a Trace GC/IsoLink for gas samples, this analyzer represents a unique and powerfull appliance for determination of the stable isotopes of Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen in a broad variety of samples.


Thankfully to Schlumberger, dGB Earth Sciences, IHS and Integrated Geochemical Interpretation Ltd the chair is equipped with full licenses of Petrel, PetroMod, OpendTect, Kingdom Suite and pIGI for scientific use.